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Mike Kirnbauer began his masonry career, after completing the Heritage and Traditional Masonry program at Algonquin College in Perth,ON.(2003)  This education has provided Mike with a sound knowledge of historical lime mortars, heritage stone masonry principles and techniques, and principles and guidlines for the preservation/restoration of heritage designated masonry structures.  Mike furthered his education by completing his Red Seal Certification for Brick and Stone Mason in 2010.


Mike compliments this strong educational background with over 10 years practical experience working in a variety of sectors within the masonry trade.  He has been fortunate to have had the opportunity to work in the custom residential, heritage restoration and commercial sectors.  This experience has exposed Mike to a wide variety of materials and building techniques.


It is because of this combination of strong educational background and practical experience, that Kirnbauer Masonry has the ability to perform heritage work in a tasteful and sympathetic manner.


Kirnbauer Masonry is a specialized masonry firm based in Kitchener, ON that is committed to preserving and enhancing the architectural character of our local communities.


Kirnbauer Masonry offers services in heritage restoration as well as new custom brick and stonework.







Stonemason / Journeyman Bricklayer

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